Agamben’s Homo Sacer

I wasn’t sure during class, but I actually have read about the connection between Agamben and Simulacra earlier. Slavoj Zizek devotes 2 chapters on the term ” homo sacer” in his book about politics of unequality in his book “Welcome to the desert of the real”  – essays on the aftermath of september 11, which is based mainly on Baudrillards simularcra (hence the reference in the title).

To read more about Zizek’s and others interpretations of Agamben’s Homo Sacer:


~ by lharmsen on March 4, 2009.

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  1. Thanks Lotte!

    Ok – here goes. My link between Baudrillard and Agamben seems to be very plain [which are seemingly always the hardest types of ideas to communicate].

    In the provoking Bernadette posed on what the Real is, Agamben came to mind and I suggested that if we want to define the “real” that we should look at Agamben. This because within his analysis of modern politics he discusses “inclusive exclusion.” This simply means that the exception becomes the rule. Consequently, we “enter a zone of irreducible distinction” between the exception and the rule. Just as the state of emergency (the suspension of laws) is not an exception but it the rule in politics. State of emergency’s are called over and over again.

    With “real” and “not real” the same logic emerges as in the approach of Agamben to modern politics. Thus the nucleus of reality, how we define reality, is founded on the exception of the real (the not real). So whilst Baudrillard suggests that the autonomy of the real is lost in hyperreality, it seems one may argue that it never really existed in the first place!

    NB Agamben’s chapter is far more complex as the “zone of indistinction” is analyzed in relation to Foucauldian biopolitics [the penetration of power in subjects bodies and life forms] in order to gain insight on the oppositions that established modern politics (right/left, private/public, absolutism/democracy etc).

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