Re: week 3

For those of you intrigued by Sterling’s Spime and not ready to digest his entire pamphlet, he gave a rather good outline of his main arguments at Siggraph read: When Blobjects Rule the World [i have the full book in pdf if anyone is interested]

I like the idea of sustainability (particulary in relation to materiality – the medium as a material object as opposed to the ideas they represent – their “fetish”]

Oh and I do think there should be a course on Southpark [below clip on Internet stars, but all of the episodes are freely available on Southpark Studios (imagine assesment of an episode a week “southpark as theoretical object”, thus embedded within conventional media studies theory)

my media related top 4 is:

Make Love, Not Warcraft (Episode 1008)
Go God Go (Episode 1012)
Canada on Strike (Episode 1204)
Over Logging (Episode 1206)

YouTube Heroes


~ by karinvanes on February 18, 2009.

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