Where are the comments?

A very brief question – where are the comments? πŸ™‚ They bridge quite a platform for the discussion in the class.


~ by zigelyte on February 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “Where are the comments?”

  1. Wondering about that myself as well… I’ll send an email to remind everyone, again; let’s hope there’s enough time to read some of the extra comments before class.

  2. Also a suggestion to make blogging part of the grade for the course, as certain questions raised offer interesting perspectives on the texts we have to read. It would be unfair if only some contribute and would also work as an incentive.

  3. I do not think a “blogging grade” is a good idea.

    As to the unfairness: My 5th grade teacher so nicely pointed out way back when (in an uncanny similair discussion): life’s not fair!

    But if anything is to be done, I opt for a general participation grade instead. Perhaps some people are more comfortable in a face-to face communication setting than posting online comments, without the direct verbal or non-verbal feedback [back to the theory *grin*]

  4. of course, this is what I meant -commenting/posting being part of participation in the class grade. as for the teacher – life could be made fairER πŸ™‚

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